"The L & L Book"

By: Barry Jentz
Joan Wofford

Leadership and Learning: Personal Change in a Professional Setting, Second Edition (2006) is a book of stories about how five school principals grow into authoritative leaders whose ability to improve their own performance enables them to improve the performance of others. Beginning with doubts about their ability to lead, they make their own behavior and thinking the object of inquiry and change. As a result, they stop behaving as answer-men and start communicating as skillful, interpersonal learners who expect themselves and others to support one another in improving current practice by rigorously examining it. The Second Edition is updated and contains new material about transformational leaders, including "Embracing Confusion," an article written with Jerome Murphy and published in the January 2005 issue of Phi Delta Kappan, where it received a large and universally positive response. Another new chapter is entitled "Making Our Own Minds the Object of Our Learning: Three Reasons to Seek Self-Knowledge," published in Voices for Democracy: Struggles and Celebrations of Transformational Leaders by the National Society for the Study of Education, spring 2006.

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