By: Barry Jentz, with Joan Wofford

We designed the EntryPlan Approach books (Education Edition and Business Edition) for people who are looking for a proven way to get off to a successful start in a new leadership position, where success is judged by improvement in both a new leaderís practice and the performance of people in an organization. The books argue that the conflicting forces at work during entry predictably trigger unilateral rather than collaborative decision-making on the part of the new leader. These unilateral responses not only undermine the effort to build trust; they lead to simplistic responses to complex problems. An EntryPlan counters the forces that trigger unilateral rather than collaborative decision-making by providing a sequenced set of activities to guide a new leader in building trust, confronting complexity, and leading his/her organization in producing the collective new thinking required for successful change efforts.

The books are organized as follows:

The books aim to provide a person in a new position of authority with the content necessary to design and implement an EntryPlan, whether the new person has taken a position in an educational organization, business, or professional firm.

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